Professional Profile

Studying computer science in 42 born2code school in Paris 17, I am currently looking for a fixed-term contract.

42 is the free peer-to-peer private school created by Xavier Niel in 2013.

Work Experience

September 2014 - December 2014

Full Stack JavaScript Developer


This experience in a startup after one year of studies gave me the experience of developing from scratch.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB

Technical Skills



Expert, 1 years and 6 months

C was the first language I learned at school. All our first year projects were in C.

  • Lemmings: create an algorithm to help lemmings to get out of the room.
  • Filler: artificial intelligence simulating a board game player.
  • 42sh: complete shell (like bash).
  • Wolf3D: raycasting labyrinth game.



Advanced, 4 months

I've learned AngularJS starting a startup projet from scratch. I'm curious about this language, and everyday discovering new performance skills.



Good, 3 months

PHP was the first web language I learned. I developed with a workmate in a personal project, before to start learning it at school.


Html5 & Css3

Medium, 2 Years

I began learning HTML and CSS before starting to study computer science, and my startup experience developed my knowledges about it.



Medium, 4 months

The back-end was also part of my startup experience, where I built a RESTful API.


42 born2code

Paris 17

42 is a private French computer programming school created and funded by Xavier Niel.

The training is inspired by new modern ways to teach : peer-to-peer pedagogy. The school is known to bet on advanced knowledge and skill in computer programming and novel ways of thinking.

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  • P2P